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Friday, November 22, 2013

winding up for the holidays

The start of the holidays triggers me going into productive mode.  I partake in only  two events a year, both of which are at my little office building, one in the spring, and one at the start of December.  I think we have about 6  vendors and I sell a couple of dozen little things, most of which are earrings.  So far, these two events have been as much as I can handle since playing with clay and making jewelry is my hobby and not my livelihood.

It is my hope that this effort of getting a little more "official" with my business will inspire me to continue creating.  I go into these dead-air times where I will make nothing for months at a go.  In retrospect, these periods always seem sad in a way.  I play a lot of video games and my yard gets weeded more often (ha!), but its just - I don't know...  The Doldrums I guess?

In any case, I started an instagram account and I am going to try to take an art related snapshot every day (See the nifty banner above!).  Instagram makes taking snapshots ridiculously easy.  I spent the last year or two making fun of it, but now that I have an actual use for it, suddenly it is super cool. Typical...  And look, I can stick the photos right here which leads me to

I got new business cards made!  My last business card redesign never sat right with me.  Changing my "business" name to just be my name gave me a good excuse to do another overhaul of the card.  I like it so much better.  Plus, it's all crazy high-tech with my QR code on the back.

What else have I done, hmmm.  Applied for a re-sellers permit and will be applying for a business licence for my town. Finally got around to signing up for Square so I can take credit card payments.  I am also looking into inventory apps since I need to keep track of what I leave over are Resurrected.

OK then.

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