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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Rick & Morty Fan Art

I was commissioned last month to make  two Rick & Morty jars.  The task was left open ended at first and after talking to my client we came up with a Mister Meeseeks jar, and an Ants-in-my-Eyes Johnson jar.

I tackled Meeseeks first.  I knew I wanted to do the Meeseeks box and then a variety of Mr. Meeseeks around the bottom.  For reference for the non-fans out there:

The fist version of the jar came out thusly:

Doing the 'box' graphic as a round lid proved to be difficult and the final version here is the product of 3 trials that ended up in the garbage.  I also wasn't 100% satisfied with the characters around the body once it was done, so went ahead and produced what my second idea had been from the get-go:

The box top is amazingly easy once you are working on the 5th one, heh.

The one I love the best and really wanted to keep (seeing as I am also a  Rick & Morty fan) was the one based on this unfortunate soul:

My original thought was to have the bottom section appear as if he was on fire too (something that happens later in the episode) but I learned that I suck at making fire so left it alone.  Et voila!

Super love this guy!