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Sunday, November 17, 2013


The title of this post has a two-fold explanation. 

First, my website has been resurrected from the mess that it was, which was basically just a conglomeration of different websites that carried links to one another.  I went ahead and (finally) got a domain name since my actual name was available (go me), new business cards, and this site which I hope will auto update when I update my gallery.  Neat.

The second and more important point of the title is that my stuff is now in a brick-and-mortar store, Ressurected Boutique in Pacifica, CA. (and yes, that is the way it is mis-spelled!).  It is a super cute co-op with tons of local artisans and repurposed & renewed vintage items

Front of the boutique, located at 450 Dondee Way, Pacifica

My display!

I'm super excited to see if my stuff sells.  If it does, I will think about doing something different in the diaply case.

I also made new price-tags:

I need to get my new web address in stamp form so I can move away from having my Etsy shop be the contact on the tags.

Next step is to make more stuff!  weeeeeeeee


  1. How always, wishing you awesomeness in this new step!!