Monday, October 7, 2019

Life is What Happens When You are Making Plans

So.  Not to rain on any proverbial parades, but I have had a rough summer.  I wrote my last entry on May 29 with every intention of getting out monthly posts to update where I am in the process of learning to electroform along with whatever creative things I might have made.  I have 4 draft posts sitting unpublished in my draft folder. 

The weekend I was set to post the first update on one of these drafts and pull a big pile of stuff out of the bath, my father passed away.  What followed was probably the most horrible 3 months of my life with figuring out what to do and how to best care for the wife he left behind.

Six weeks after he passed, my beloved pup of 16+ years said good night.  It was time for him to go.  He was a very good boy. I will be heart-broken for the rest of my life.

Two weeks later, an old friend of mine died tragically in a boat fire. While he was actually my brothers best friend since middle school, he and I shared good times back when we were teenagers and I'd like to think that he would have still called me a friend outside of his friendship with my brother.

Having all this sad coursing through me for months on end sucked all the creative energy right out of me.  I made almost nothing since June.  I have a couple of electroformed pieces I am going to highlight in an upcoming post about setting up the rectifier.  I have a memorial necklace currently in the bath that is dedicated t Fuji I hope I will be able to show off in the next week or two.

I did have two special request orders come in from my Etsy shop  this past month that I was able to complete.

The owner of Dark Water Megs in Florida had me add tentacles and an octopus to a couple of VERY VERY VERY old teeth.  It was a gift to be able to work on actual fossils:

Tentacle on Shark ToothTentacle on Shark Tooth

Octopus on Megaladon Tooth

I also just sent the coolest Rasta Dragon Eye stash jar out to New Jersey just today:

Rasta Inspired Dragon Eye
There are some good detailed views on the Insta post I made, here.

And that about catches you up to my Shittiest Summer Ever.   The Fall will be much better, I'm sure!

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