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Monday, August 20, 2018

New 2 oz jars!

I recently re-organized my craft room.   It took three months of the whole room being torn up as there were some interim issues I had to work through before finishing the project.   I think I might take a little video and post it here if there is any interest.

I made myself a 'gallery' corner where I display all the art I have made.  It feels so good to just be able to stand there and look at all my stuff in one spot.  I highly encourage you to give yourself a gloating spot, too!

I barely did any artsy stuff while the room was out of order.  As it turns out, when your art space looks like a pile of junk shoved in a spare room,  the will to do anything goes out the window.  I did work on an embroidered gift for a family member, but that is still a work in progress.

As soon as the room situation was settled, I made some new jars in a 2 oz size.  I had actually bought the jars before the room disaster so they have just been sitting here calling to me.  OBSERVE:

Props to Christi Friesen who taught a class in the stained glass look where I learned how to sculpt in this style.

And a doodle jar.  I've only used this style on Christmas ornaments in the past. Seems to work on jars too.

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